New hours starting soon!

Heya pinheads! Lots of sweet stuff happening at PNN. It’s finally time to move to a fuller schedule!


Thurs 8p to midnight
Fri 8p to midnight
Sat 8p to midnight
SPECIAL SUNDAY (bring ur dad!) 2p to 6p

Then onto expansion!

We’re going to start opening daily at 6p, staying open until midnight (Mon thru Sat) and Sunday afternoons. TO TRY. If it doesn’t work we’ll have to shift gears!

WE WILL HOST A LEAGUE on Monday nights starting at 8:30p! It will be a casual fun league, meet some new people, no nerdy bellyaching. This league is set to start June 29, but stay tuned here for final details :)

WEDNESDAYS will be WOMEN’S PINBALL NIGHT @ PNN. This is new for me! I’m working with women’s groups around town to get some more women flipping. Obviously pinball is fun for everyone, and there’s no need to insert a gender bias. However the success of women’s leagues and events in other cities is undeniable! And women’s events are fun. So on Wednesdays you fellas go play somewhere else! I’m sick of the 99% male crowds! If you know any women/groups who might be into this, email me!

So new hours, new league, new events — it’s going to be a Radical(!) summer. I’m ditching a couple of the more boring PNN games and swapping some new titles in too.

As always:
-No, PNN IS NOT A BAR! Stop asking me that!

-Sorry no film shoots! I do not give a hoot about the money that brings or publicity…that is not why PNN is here! We are here for pinball

-No, we are not a good freebie place for you to have your birthday party. PNN is not there so that you and your homies can drink box wine in a crowd in the middle of the room lol…it’s there so people can play! I hope people understand this. Pinball. It is a pinball location only.

Thanks friends! Hope to see y’all soon for some flippin’!

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  1. bob says:

    great machines today as usual (6-22) Frontier is still the best . Ever need some weekend daytime hours back up let me know . My home away from home

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