LAPL Season Results & This week’s pinball hours UPDATED

Boy howdy! Lots of exciting pinball action happening in LA these days!

I’d like to congratulate our LAPL Season 15 champs:

A Division-
1) Travis LaBrel
2) molly
3) Joey “Multibaldwin” Baldwin

B Division-

1) Joey SoftBlankets
2) Josh Frontino
3) Jim Ellwanger

That was a fun little season! Thanks to our Los Angeles Pinball League participants and supporters, and extra special thanks to our dude Juster for contributing top notch trophies once again.

As for hours this week UPDATE!!:
Tues 8p-midnight
Thurs **TBD** If you want to come in on Thursday email
PNN is not good if it’s rainy so I need to keep an eye on this weather throughout the day, sorry!
Fri 8p-midnight
Sat 8p-midnight

With the cold weather it’s been a little more quiet, which is good for me and good for the games. Please remember, PNN is here only to provide a public option for pinball playing; it’s not a happening, feature-filled adventure. Just pinball for people looking to play pinball. Very bare bones. I just like to keep the ol’ expectations down!

Thanks dudes & dudettes

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