Labor Day CLOSED

Hey there chums, just a quick note to let y’all know I’m going to keep her closed up tonight! A day off? No! I just need to get in for some repairs that have fallen to the wayside. But no shop hours.

So no PNN tonight; you can try Family or the boastful Casa de Carlos guys :)

I see that some people have trouble determining the hours at Pins and Needles, as I don’t update the website all that much. That…won’t change; I am old and I figure anyone with a brain can extrapolate from the earlier posts that the hours are standard barring holidays. Mon Weds Fri Sat 8p-midnight! Same hours every week. I suppose I could sit and type it out every week but I’m a little busy for that, and I have faith that you all have the drive and intelligence in ya to figure this stuff out! And if you can’t, HMU via text or email.

Thanks all! Keep up the good flips and see ya Wednesday!


Oh and lol at people afraid to come to 90026 because “it’s sketchy”…good lord

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One comment on “Labor Day CLOSED
  1. kj says:

    Thanks for the update Molly!

    MWFS 8pm-12am it is!

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