LA pinball hours & notes for next week

Well hi there!

This week:
Thursday 8p to midnight
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday 8p to midnight

Also we finished up the LAPL Season 13 Finals this week, congratulations to Chris Buzzini, the best player in the city!

This Sunday I’m leaving for Portland for a few days, SO NO PINBALL NEXT TUESDAY! I will update the ours next week, but Thursday is also TBD at this point.

It’s been super busy lately, lots of exciting flipper action! I’ve had an influx of new games, and the crowd has been bustling more than usual. For the most part, it’s a nice friendly crowd at PNN and I very much appreciate that. I enjoy putting my pinballs out for you all to enjoy, it’s so rewarding when people light up and have fun on them! We do still, however, have a small number of people who come in who don’t enjoy the place at all. I’m trying to cut down on it, but it’s inevitable that the following happens once a week or so: a crew of hipper-than-thous comes into PNN, looks around like they’re astounded by how shitty the place is, makes a few loud petulant statements about what they’d do better within earshot of everyone there, call us nerds and elitists, and then they continue on to whatever local bar is lucky enough to host them until 2am. I don’t quite get it, but it does occur enough that it’s become a topic amongst the regulars. So! In my ongoing struggle to keep the happy pinbally peace at PNN I’ll take this moment to remind everyone that PNN is just a dumpy garage with some old games in it. If you want to play some pinball and meet some like-minded pinheads, it’d be great for you. If you’re some dolled hip kid looking for the new supercool thing to do, haha, Pins and Needles is NOT it. We welcome all types but we are trying to keep the number of snots to a minimum!

Thank you! I love you!

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4 comments on “LA pinball hours & notes for next week
  1. juster! says:

    PNN is my favorite dumpy garage!

  2. bob says:

    Dang, A dumpy garage? This place is rad! Who else has Gold Wings or Sing A Long and in awesome condition. Thanks Molly for making the weekends even better!

  3. Astin says:

    is there an appropriate age or at least a typical age minimum?

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