I’m back! And staying put for a while.

Heya, pin folks! I’ve been on three continents in the past two weeks, and I am BEAT. Glad to have my feet back firmly on the ground, and my hands on the ol’ flipper buttons. Huge thanks to our friend Danny B. for holding down the fort while I was away. Employee of the century!

Hours for the rest of the week:

Thursday 8p to midnight
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday noon-5pm AND 8p to midnight

Our special Saturday daytime session this weekend coincides with Bitchcraft, a local art/craft/music/food/radness trade show which is set to occur here at Bedrock. It should be extra fun, and if prompted I say why not have a little tournament? Anyone down?

Our new League season starts up on JULY 2 for those interested; I try to respond to all the emails but as I’m all over the place I’m sure a couple slipped through the cracks. We’re wrapping the current season up on the 11th (come watch the finals!) and the following two Tuesdays will be one-off tourneys (we’ve been enjoying the Brackelope app tourneys a lot around here).

Come by any time for more info! League is a great vehicle for honing your skills and meeting new people!

Thank you!

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One comment on “I’m back! And staying put for a while.
  1. david says:

    You rock. Saw your film on cool hunting. I want to fill my yoga studio with pinball machines and play all day…….PINDOG?

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