Howdy Pins and Needlers!

Hey there. I’m in the sky! I’m flying to Pinburgh, the biggest pinball tourney ever. So Pins and Needles is on light duty with some of the guys helping out with reduced hours this week.

Tuesday 8p to midnight (no League, just flips for fun)
Friday 8p to midnight
Saturday TBD

Now folks, remember, when I’m not around and games have problems they can’t really be fixed. So if you go play, understand that there’s not a tech present and don’t give my guys a hard time if you have to move on to a different table! When I’m there, it’s fine to bitch at me for stuff; just leave my faithful help out of it, please!

Thanks again for all the support. LA Pinball is goooooooood pinball. See you next week! Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

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