Hello pinball friends! I missed you guys!

Greetings pinhead friends! It has been far too long. We’ve had plenty of changes here, some for me personally & also to our ever-burgeoning pinball landscape here in LA. I kinda went even further underground for awhile, doing some work, doing some pin travels, you know. Pin life!

But Pins and Needles survived! As plenty of you know, it has been open actually the entire time, thanks to my friend Justin and his willingness to help the pinball community and his flexible schedule. The current hours are Thursday Friday Saturday 8p to midnight, and we are just about to expand into “summer” hours for a more open schedule.

For the record: we are NOT taking film or private party inquiries. We are not a film location, no matter how your film crew tries to slice it. And we are not a rentable party location — we are a chilly garage filled with old pinball games. Get thee to Edendale for your birthday affair!

Pins and Needles is here for the sole purpose of providing pinball games to the public, a throwback to the way it was decades ago, when you could just walk up for a few flips with your quarter. It’s not a Dave and Busters experience, you won’t find artisanal cocktails within a mile, and it is JUST PINBALL! I do not have Street Fighter or Dance Dance Revolution :)

I want to thank you guys for your support over the past five years! I know PNN isn’t for everyone; in fact I know that most modern LA types don’t get it at all. And that’s fine! Pinball is a many splendored thing as they say, to be enjoyed in the way of your choosing. Now LA is enjoying a surge of fancy bars with old games, a trend sweeping the nation! It is a fantastic time for pinball! But if you’ve been after an old school pinball vibe, keep PNN in mind would ya? It’s a neat place to hang. Plus I have some nicer games now 😉

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