Flip flip flip! Here are your pinball hours, folks!

Thursday: 8p to midnight
Friday: 8p to midnight
Saturday: 8p to midnight

Lots of new games coming in! There’s Godzilla, there’s a Stern Nine Ball, there’s a prototype Austin Powers, and hooooo boy we have a good one rolling in Saturday. Good times!

While we’re on the subject, I do not sell games. Occasionally I’ll move away from project games and sell things to combat my hoarderish tendencies, but I’ve had a lot of folks asking if they can buy my games recently! Nope! There are several routes you can take in search of pinballs depending on what you want, and within reason I’m happy to help you in your search, but Pins and Needles does not have any For Sale titles.

Thanks chums! See you this weekend!


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3 comments on “Flip flip flip! Here are your pinball hours, folks!
  1. Ryan says:

    I LOVE Nine Ball. Great additions!!

  2. gene x says:

    Think the Lucky Juju guys are coming tonight – looking forward to another fun night and playing some more Metallica :)

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