Brief PNN closure :)

Sorry guys and gals, no hours this weekend! We are going through some changes at PNN (good ones!) that involve both game turnover & personnel turnover. Plus I have Dodger tickets lol, and I’m leaving for Expo soon.

I don’t think this ruffles anyone’s feathers all that much, but I do apologize if this screws up any pinball plans! There’s more pin in town every day now, so I’m sure y’all can find something to flip on :) The lobby games are available if by chance you’re after some Cybernaut or Spanish Eyes & we will get everything moved around and ironed out next week!

Thank you and keep flipping. Go Dodgers!

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Hiya folks! Lots of great pinball news in town, golly! What a time!

I took a little break to get married & go on a honeymoon and am just returning this week; Justin has been holding the fort down for us & great thanks to him for doing so.

The hours this week are Thurs Fri Sat 6p to midnight & Sun noon 2p to 6p.

Again a reminder! Pins and Needles is a small garage with old pinball machines inside ONLY. Just a lil wee place. The games are either free, a quarter, or maybe 50 cents…there’s nothing else there & that will not change! If you are looking for an arcade or barcade PLEASE, just pass us on by. Or if you’re a big yelper type lol PLEASE just do us all a solid and don’t waste anyone’s time :) This is not a servicey fancy joint, it’s a small pet project and certainly not for everyone! Thank you for understanding :)

Once I’m back we will get back to the women’s league and a fuller schedule. Some real boss ladies have been in touch lately about playing pinball and it seems like something cool will come of it on those Wednesdays we discussed! Stand by for more details on that & get in touch if you’re interested!


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Pinball Hours

Hiya friends!

Hours this week:
Monday 6p to midnight
Thurs 6p to midnight
Fri 6p to midnight
Sat 6p to midnight
Sun 2p to 6p

Thank you and enjoy your pinball!

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PNN hours for the week!

Heya kiddos!

Thank you everyone for the continued support! It’s great to see all of the burgeoning interest in pinball around town recently :) We are always happy to have pinheads old and new dropping by!

Just a reminder: PNN IS JUST OLD PINBALL MACHINES IN A GARAGE! It is not a bar, and you can not get lil tee shirts and stickers and merch. Pins and Needles has old pinball machines only, nothing else. I have explained this hundreds of times and still, people are always coming by all pissed off that it is not some huge arcade bar lol…I do not know how to get these people to not waste their time! Please — if you are looking for a bar, go somewhere else! If you want to play Dance Dance Revolution and Street Fighter, this is not the place. If you don’t understand how to walk down a hallway in a warehouse type space, you will not enjoy PNN at all. If you want an attendant to coo all over you for coming in, I’d drive on by. If you’re a big Yelper….I think you can see where I’m going with this 😉


Onto our hours!

Sun 2p-6p (this is working out pretty well, I think this will be standard)

Mon 6p-midnight (tourneys start at 8, also standard)

Tues closed

Weds closed (only this week! Sorry, I have a prior engagement! Back to regular Women’s night next Weds!)

Thurs 6p-midnight (standard)

Fri 6p-midnight (standard)

Sat 6p-midnight (standard)

We’re looking to get a Monday night League regularized but we want to keep it pretty small. Anyone interested can contact me but frankly this weekend I’m going to be a-ragin’ up north at California Extreme while out boy Justin keeps the ship afloat here in LA! ✌️

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This week’s hours & thank you for partying

Oh man, so much fun last night! Thanks to everyone who came out. Mondays are my new favorite night at PNN :)

This week (June 28-July 4) our schedule is as follows:

Sun 2pm to 6p
Mon 6pm to midnight
Tues CLOSED (sorry we had a miscommunication, we do plan on opening Tuesdays)
Thurs 6pm to midnight
Fri 6pm to midnight
Sat CLOSED for holiday

We are very close to being open every day which will be sweet. I don’t have anyone who can do Tuesdays right now (also a ton of local pinheads are at 82 for League that night) so we are working that out.

As for the Women’s Night thing, that is a hot button issue in gaming at large and also in the pinball community. Pinball is historically a “men’s arena” so while there aren’t necessarily any physical disadvantages for women playing, and women are actually kicking ass in pinball everywhere now, many cities have witnessed success in elevating their number of female playership by hosting women-specific events.

I’m not interested in having the same gender politics discussion about it that I’ve had (on both sides) thousands of times…I’m not trying to create an artificial gender bias. No one is “trying to take pinball away from men” lol.
It’s a fun & safe environment designed quite frankly to counter the “all male” stereotype that plagues (plagued?) the hobby, and it is undeniably successful in many other cities. So I’m going to try it here too. Will it just be me standing there alone playing Future Spa? Probably at first :) But I’m going to work with the idea for a few months and see where it goes.

Thanks a lot folks for supporting your ol’ pinball hellhole, see you on the tables! 💯

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New hours starting soon!

Heya pinheads! Lots of sweet stuff happening at PNN. It’s finally time to move to a fuller schedule!


Thurs 8p to midnight
Fri 8p to midnight
Sat 8p to midnight
SPECIAL SUNDAY (bring ur dad!) 2p to 6p

Then onto expansion!

We’re going to start opening daily at 6p, staying open until midnight (Mon thru Sat) and Sunday afternoons. TO TRY. If it doesn’t work we’ll have to shift gears!

WE WILL HOST A LEAGUE on Monday nights starting at 8:30p! It will be a casual fun league, meet some new people, no nerdy bellyaching. This league is set to start June 29, but stay tuned here for final details :)

WEDNESDAYS will be WOMEN’S PINBALL NIGHT @ PNN. This is new for me! I’m working with women’s groups around town to get some more women flipping. Obviously pinball is fun for everyone, and there’s no need to insert a gender bias. However the success of women’s leagues and events in other cities is undeniable! And women’s events are fun. So on Wednesdays you fellas go play somewhere else! I’m sick of the 99% male crowds! If you know any women/groups who might be into this, email me!

So new hours, new league, new events — it’s going to be a Radical(!) summer. I’m ditching a couple of the more boring PNN games and swapping some new titles in too.

As always:
-No, PNN IS NOT A BAR! Stop asking me that!

-Sorry no film shoots! I do not give a hoot about the money that brings or publicity…that is not why PNN is here! We are here for pinball

-No, we are not a good freebie place for you to have your birthday party. PNN is not there so that you and your homies can drink box wine in a crowd in the middle of the room lol…it’s there so people can play! I hope people understand this. Pinball. It is a pinball location only.

Thanks friends! Hope to see y’all soon for some flippin’!

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Hello pinball friends! I missed you guys!

Greetings pinhead friends! It has been far too long. We’ve had plenty of changes here, some for me personally & also to our ever-burgeoning pinball landscape here in LA. I kinda went even further underground for awhile, doing some work, doing some pin travels, you know. Pin life!

But Pins and Needles survived! As plenty of you know, it has been open actually the entire time, thanks to my friend Justin and his willingness to help the pinball community and his flexible schedule. The current hours are Thursday Friday Saturday 8p to midnight, and we are just about to expand into “summer” hours for a more open schedule.

For the record: we are NOT taking film or private party inquiries. We are not a film location, no matter how your film crew tries to slice it. And we are not a rentable party location — we are a chilly garage filled with old pinball games. Get thee to Edendale for your birthday affair!

Pins and Needles is here for the sole purpose of providing pinball games to the public, a throwback to the way it was decades ago, when you could just walk up for a few flips with your quarter. It’s not a Dave and Busters experience, you won’t find artisanal cocktails within a mile, and it is JUST PINBALL! I do not have Street Fighter or Dance Dance Revolution :)

I want to thank you guys for your support over the past five years! I know PNN isn’t for everyone; in fact I know that most modern LA types don’t get it at all. And that’s fine! Pinball is a many splendored thing as they say, to be enjoyed in the way of your choosing. Now LA is enjoying a surge of fancy bars with old games, a trend sweeping the nation! It is a fantastic time for pinball! But if you’ve been after an old school pinball vibe, keep PNN in mind would ya? It’s a neat place to hang. Plus I have some nicer games now 😉

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INDISC weekend hours for all my friends

Hello you weirdos! Let’s get some flips on, shall we?

Thursday 8pm to midnight
Friday 8pm to midnight
Saturday 8pm to midnight

And hit up Jim Belsito’s famous It Never Drains in SoCal pinball tourney out in San Dimas, Fri-Sat-Sun! He puts on a heck of a show :)

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Thurs, Fri, Sat 8p-midnight! I’m getting some other games ready to bring over, so do get ready for that. Also go to Arcade Expo this weekend, see ya there!

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Hours for the week

Hello! Pins and Needles will be open:

Thurs 8pm-midnight
Fri 8pm-midnight
Sat 8pm-midnight

Thank you very much!

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